Pricing Plans

Base offers 4 different pricing models that are carefully tailored to suit agencies of all sizes, as well as solopreneurs and freelancers.


  • 500 Links*
  • 4000 Monthly link checks
  • Unlimited Monitored Domains
  • 3 Users


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*any status of the link in total


  • 3000 Links*
  • 25000 Monthly link checks
  • Unlimited Monitored Domains
  • 10 Users


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*any status of the link in total

most popular


  • 8000 Links*
  • 65000 Monthly link checks
  • Unlimited Monitored Domains
  • 25 Users
  • 5 Free Dashboards


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*any status of the link in total

for link building agencies


  • 15000 Links*
  • 120000 Monthly link checks
  • Unlimited Monitored Domains
  • 50 Users
  • 10 Free Dashboards


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*any status of the link in total

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1000+ Links

1000 Links

10000 Monthly link checks


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Why Users
Prefer Base?

Jason Adams

“Being able to have an overview of all the links that belong to a specific client was a game-changer feature for my team. It prevents creating duplicate links as my link builders can now see if someone has already created a link on that specific domain. When you have hundreds of projects, chances are you will forget some of them. Before using Base we had to manually search sheets and websites to find a specific link or domain, losing hours of work-time on this. Thank you Base for making this process become just a bad memory”
Digital Marketing Manager

Linda Spencer

“The systematization of link data per particular client helps me to quickly get useful knowledge on where the client’s link is located, which topics were used to fit the links, if its dofollow/nofollow and so on. This makes link health data very accessible and visible.”
Head of a Link Building Department

Dejan Lukic

“The opps option was my hook here. Base lets me input all my link building opportunities to claim them for that client so my colleagues can not contact the same domain and create confusion, double work, and link combat”
SEO Specialist

Dragana Rističević

“Base Chrome extension gives you quick link status and domain data through a dashboard that is awesomely handy! I can see if this domain has links on it, if its blacklisted, if it has opps, see its DR and spam level.”
Experienced Link Builder

Sean Hopkins

“I went through most of the features and you can see that base was created by a person who has been creating links for a long time and who knows what are the main problems with this type of work. I deleted so many sheets with sooo much satisfaction”
Content Marketing Specialist

Lawrence Sanders

“Not only has my seo team seen a giant jump in productivity, we also figured out how to use Base for analytics purpose. For example we managed to track the response rate for each niche and use this info to pivot some strategies the right way”
Startup Owner