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Manage Your Links Like There's No Tomorrow!

Base is advanced link management tool designed to make it easy for you to track your link building efforts, monitor acquired links health and get notified on status changes. Suitable for both individuals and entire link building teams.

Get rid of Spreadsheets!

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Link Management Nirvana

Save your time and do more important things by letting a machine do the machine work for you.

Simplicity by Default

Our link management dashboard by default displays only the most important elements necesary to add or get information on already added links.

Get Bigger Picture

Get insight in most important SEO metrics of created links, leave or read important comments on links and decide on which you'd like to keep or eventualy remove.


Organize your account in a hierarchy by clients and get better overview of your link building efforts. Also, get insight in link building efforts of individual team members.

Stash Valuable Opportinities

Use our browser extension (or do it manually) to add websites as opportunities during your research or regular browsing.

Link Health Information

Get insight in link portfolio health and get notified once link health status changes, be it nofollowing, noindexing, redirection, link modifications and more.

Import / Export

If you struggle with spreadsheets to manage your links or other link management tool you're not satisfied with, Base features convenient links import/export functionality for easy migrations.

What Do We Offer?

The ability to put your link building process on the next level. Pronto!

Powerful Search

Use our powerful and granular search filers to find links important to you. Search by tags, statuses, creation/modification date range and more.

Take Control

Use our Blacklist feature to prevent team members from creating links od certain domains. Consistency and link opportunities quality is very important part of proper link building and reduces inconveniences and eventually Google penalties.

Fast Processing

We take speed very seriously and want to offer our clients workflow that is fast and natural. From our experience, slow workflow adds to frustration and low work quality and we want to avoid that.