Monitor Created Links Health and Increase Link Building Efficiency

After 6 months around 18% of built links get
deleted or switched to noFollow.
Save your money by monitoring link health status
and improve link-building efficiency through
link-building management tool.

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What is Link Management Tool &
Who is it For?

Base is an advanced link management tool build for link builders and SEO agencies to provide them with full control over the link-building process. It saves time and money by increasing productivity, notifying you when somebody changed something on your paid link and prevents link builders to contact the same link building targets for the same clients.

Monitor the Health Status of Each Created Link

Run both manual and automatic health checks of your link database and get notifications if any link gets removed or changed to noFollow. Base improves the created links churn and increase the impact of your SEO link-building efforts.

Improve Your Team Link Building & Outreach Efficiency

We built a feature and a Chrome extension that enables your whole team to track which websites have been outreached and by whom. This lowers the number of repeating outreach from different users, which greatly increases your team outreach efficiency and transparency.

Status Control Your Links and Track Their Development

From adding link building opportunities and targets to confirming the link being live, you can track each link progression in Base and optimize your link-building campaign targets and development for maximal SEO value.

Base Features That Save Time!


Quick link health data, link status check and input via Base Chrome Extension.


Logical project structure and link data access according to user type.


Check, segment, and monitor backlinks by client, type, time-frame, location, user, link health, etc.


Easily add link building opportunities to claim them for specific clients.


Remove unwanted and low-quality websites through our customizable Spam Filter.


Learn everything about a specific link in an instant.


Boost team’s productivity and communication by analyzing link building workflow and improving your methods.


Welcome Bonus: With your new Base account, you get 1000 FREE link opportunities you can use for yourself or your clients.

How to Set Up Your Account

Add all the clients you are
creating links for.

Invite users for
each project

Create teams,
easily handle them.

Input live links via .CSV upload
and let Base fill in all the link data

Never waste time on manual link management tasks
that you can AUTOMATE!

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Why Users
Prefer Base?

Jason Adams

“Being able to have an overview of all the links that belong to a specific client was a game-changer feature for my team. It prevents creating duplicate links as my link builders can now see if someone has already created a link on that specific domain. When you have hundreds of projects, chances are you will forget some of them. Before using Base we had to manually search sheets and websites to find a specific link or domain, losing hours of work-time on this. Thank you Base for making this process become just a bad memory”
Digital Marketing Manager

Linda Spencer

“The systematization of link data per particular client helps me to quickly get useful knowledge on where the client’s link is located, which topics were used to fit the links, if its dofollow/nofollow and so on. This makes link health data very accessible and visible.”
Head of a Link Building Department

Dejan Lukic

“The opps option was my hook here. Base lets me input all my link building opportunities to claim them for that client so my colleagues can not contact the same domain and create confusion, double work, and link combat”
SEO Specialist

Dragana Rističević

“Base Chrome extension gives you quick link status and domain data through a dashboard that is awesomely handy! I can see if this domain has links on it, if its blacklisted, if it has opps, see its DR and spam level.”
Experienced Link Builder

Sean Hopkins

“I went through most of the features and you can see that base was created by a person who has been creating links for a long time and who knows what are the main problems with this type of work. I deleted so many sheets with sooo much satisfaction”
Content Marketing Specialist

Lawrence Sanders

“Not only has my seo team seen a giant jump in productivity, we also figured out how to use Base for analytics purpose. For example we managed to track the response rate for each niche and use this info to pivot some strategies the right way”
Startup Owner