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Tracking Cost, Health Status Changes and Expiry Dates for all the Links You are Building is Hard and Time-intensive

You are likely still using Google Sheets to store created links, track their expiration date and price, as well as manage your link builders and projects - as do 95% of other SEO agencies and consultants

Unfortunately, every day you continue using Sheets it just continues bleeding your link-building productivity, SEO results and money.

Google Sheets is definitely a great tool, but it is not link building specialized enough to provide you and your team an advantage over the competition, or give you any advanced features to improve your link building processes management or increase your link building profit margin. It simply doesn’t offer any of that.

The SEO industry deserves better, so we developed

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These are just some of the main link building problems Base solved

  • Losing Created Links: links get intentionally or accidentally deleted, noFollowed or their anchors and URLs get changed. It happens all the time
  • Paid Links Expiring: it’s time-consuming to track all expiring dates and prices of your paid links and renew them when needed. SEO strategies and results often suffer when you forget to renew specific links
  • Link Buying Budgets Control: building links for many active clients with changing monthly link building budgets is a constant challenge
  • Managing Link Building Resource-intensive Processes, Teams and VAs: link builders are tough to manage, rewarding them based on merits and efforts is hard, and preventing constant drama around “who found which link building lead or prospect first” is almost impossible

For example, by analyzing more than 95.000 created links in the period of the last 9 years, we found that:

On average, it takes only 6 months for around 18% of the links that you paid and built to get deleted or switched to noFollow without any warning.

Just this one problem means many lost links, wasted money and dropped rankings, all of which can be prevented easily with just our automatic backlinks health check crawler. offers solutions that will improve and simplify purchase and maintenance of the health of your links. These features will also enable easy management of your link builders and clients to save you nerves, time, and most importantly, money.

  • Automatic backlinks health check crawler for checking the status of the whole page (404 or 500 errors), doFollow/noFollow changes or change of anchor text/URL target and email notifications of any change for quick reaction time
  • Advanced, secure, scalable and private link building database with rich SEO metrics and data
  • Clear overview of paid link prices and their expiration dates with monthly email notification “these links will expire soon”
  • Link building processes and team management of your link builders and their transparent ownership of newly added LB prospects, contacted websites and created live links
  • Proprietary Chrome extension for fast website opportunities and SEO metrics analysis, checking if somebody already built links there and optimizing general daily link building workflow through avoiding the need for switching between hundreds of tabs daily

Why not provide your link-building teams with the same productivity booster and much, much more?

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Our link management tool is both - easy on the eyes and easy to use. Check out our demo video to see just how user-friendly our link building tool is, how you can use its features to monitor backlinks, check link health and streamline your off-site SEO workflow.

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