Questions and Answers

Base is a simple, budget-friendly link management and link building tool that provides your team with a bird’s eye view of your link health data. It enables you to actively monitor backlinks, logically structure your teams and projects, improve your workflow, boost overall off-site SEO performance, and save hours of time on a weekly basis.

Base is built for big and small SEO agencies, freelancers, and other digital marketing teams who deploy link building as one of their off-site SEO strategies.

The platform creates your own database of links that your SEO team has created or is currently working on. This database contains all relevant information related to link status of your projects by conducting regular health checks on your live links and alerting you of any changes in their status - if they have been removed, nofollowed, deindexed, etc. You can access link information in a matter of seconds, while the hierarchy of Base users and the one-client/one-project structure provide a more organized and highly functional working environment and reduce the need for spreadsheets to a bare minimum.

  • Reduced time spent on the menial tasks involved in the link management process
  • Easy link health check via Base Extension
  • Faster and more efficient off-site SEO workflow
  • Optimized costs via budget-friendly pricing models
  • Improved data transparency
  • Better link quality

Users who have an Ahrefs account can connect it with Base so our tool can deploy and display this data as well. Here’s our help article explaining how to connect your Ahrefs account with Base.

Yes, you can change your pricing plan. An upgrade is done easily, without any requirements on your part. Simply log into your account and upgrade your pricing model to the one that better suits your needs.

A downgrade, however, does require some action on your part. You have to physically remove the excess number of links/users and reduce them to the maximum number (or fewer) of your desired pricing plan. For example: if you are downgrading from PRO to a STARTER level, and you have around 5K links and 20 users, you will have to physically delete excess links and reduce the number of users so it fits the STARTER model (which is up to 3K links and 10 users).

Base does not have a conventional “trial” period because our pricing model offers a FREE PLAN that all users start with. This free plan gives users a general idea of what Base does and how it can improve link building and monitoring workflows. Most new users upgrade shortly after they test our tool to unlock more features (like reporting live dashboards) and more links, users and monthly checks. You can upgrade to a higher-level plan through the subscription page within your Base account, or you can use the free plan for as long as you wish.

In short, yes. We don't transfer any identifying part of your information to any 3rd-party provider. We only use the URL of your link(s) object(s) to fetch Ahrefs and spam data. Additionally, all communication between Base and any 3rd-party API uses SSL encrypted HTTPS connections. We know that data confidentiality is of utmost importance to our clients and that their trust in our product is dependent on our capacity to protect their data. Therefore, we are dedicated to implementing the best security practices in the industry.

Our support team can access your account only if you approve it via PIN that you get through email that we will send to you for troubleshooting and other support activities.

Links Total is the total number of links in your database regardless of their status (opportunity, requested, pending, confirmed). Link Checks refer to scheduled or manual health checks. Checks are performed on a regular basis so you can see the health of your links at any given moment. Manual health checks should be performed if you see that a specific link is in bad health.

The Service is billed beforehand on a monthly or yearly basis and is non-refundable. There will be no refunds for partial months of service, upgrade/downgrade refunds, or refunds for months unused with an open account. To alter/cancel your service, log into your account and modify/cancel your actual plan. Most changes to your account will be instant, but some third-party payment solutions we are using (like FastSpring) might need more time to remove you from their system.