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How Can Link Building Agencies that Sell Links Fix Their LB Operations with Base?

Your agency is likely still using Google Sheets to track link health, store live links, monitor link expiration, link price, etc - as do 95% of other similar agencies

The main problem is that each day that you use Sheets leads to bleeding link-building productivity in the form of wasted efforts, time and money.

Google Sheets is definitely a great tool, but link building management and processes require advanced LB-focused features that give you and your team a substantial productivity boost, general control of tasks and processes, as well a direct increase in results and profits.

The SEO industry deserves better, so we developed Base.

Simply, everybody wants to have full control over their link-building process, contacts, metrics, team members and everything else included.

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Main Pain-points that Base Solves for Link Building Agencies that Sell Links Directly to Clients as a “Select Your Preferred Links” Service

After 9 years of link building and around 95.000 manually created links, we found out some horrible truths. Like this one:

On average, it takes only 6 months for around 18% of the links that you paid and built to get deleted or switched to noFollow.

That means many lost links, wasted money and dropped rankings, all of which you can prevent easily with the right tool like Base.

Base offers advanced technical solutions for solving the biggest link building workflow bottlenecks and pain-points, including the lack of transparency between the LB agency and clients, the lack of options for clients to quickly and easily approve links/opps, client’s lack of insight into link price rates for specific opps, etc.

Luckily, Base is a link management tool that can solve ALL of these link building and link selling workflow issues.

Here are just some of the main Base solutions and benefits relevant to LB agencies that sell links directly to clients

  • Solved lack of overall transparency between the LB agency and clients
  • Quick link approval options for clients
  • Quick opps approval options for clients
  • Solved lack of insight into suggested opps (from the client’s standpoint)
  • Solved lack of insight into link price rates for specific opps (from the client’s standpoint)

Bear in mind that also provides numerous solutions and benefits for all-round link building agencies, as well as those that are directly buying links that sometimes expire service.

Why not provide your link-building teams with the same productivity booster and much, much more?

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Our link management tool is both - easy on the eyes and easy to use. Check out our demo video to see just how user-friendly our link building tool is, how you can use its features to monitor backlinks, check link health and streamline your off-site SEO workflow.

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