Searchable and filterable database of all your created backlinks

Problem: Outdated spreadsheets that are difficult to search

Keeping your database (usually data stored in Google Sheets) up to date with various SEO metrics - like Ahrefs DR, organic traffic, manual and automatic website quality metrics, contact data, etc - is really hard.

If you’ve been a part of the link-building industry for some time, you already have a hefty database of links you paid, created and charmed away.

A new client arrives from the industry you’ve already worked in, built links for other clients and projects, so you are good to go.

The easiest links to build are those for which you already have opportunities lists, websites and contact information. Simply shoot an email “Hey buddy, how’s it going? I have one more super awesome article for your website.” That’s it.

The problem is the following: as the database grows, some metrics get old, obsolete, websites die, it’s too big for proper filters to work, too many data rows, etc.

Solution: Easily searchable and filterable database

Base is built with scaling in mind, so we can monitor metrics, crawl and quickly sort hundreds of thousands of links in a second

You can sort, filter or enrich any link in your database to speed up the process of link building and also to avoid duplicated efforts from different link builders.

In addition to that, we are automatically (almost daily) updating the most important SEO metrics like Ahrefs’ Organic Traffic, Domain Rating or our proprietary Spam metric. That way, you always have the newest metrics and data, so your link building strategy stays on point.

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