Clients approval of link building opportunities

Problem: Some clients want full control over link building orders

Link building is not cheap so some clients want to make sure that they’re getting their money’s worth. No one wants to outsource a task just to receive subpar end-results.

To ensure that the backlinks they’ll receive will meet their standards, some clients will request to approve link building opportunities based on their price and metrics, even before you start negotiating with editors.

We all know that approvals can drag out and cause unnecessary bottlenecks, especially if there’s no clearly defined approval process.

Solution: Let clients approve link building opportunities directly from their account in Base

There are two scenarios.

If clients are directly buying links from you, then you can show them a list of proposed websites/opportunities and their prices and metrics, so clients just approve targets with a simple click.

That gives you an “order” view for that link building cycle and prevents your link builders from creating any unapproved link.

A similar situation is with standard outreach, where the client just approves your proposed opportunities list before your link builders start with the outreach.

It saves both time and money, and clients are in full control.

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