User access levels

Problem: You work with multiple external link builders, VA’s and agencies. Not everyone should see all your data.

In a team of link builders, internal or external, not everyone is equal. There’s no need to give a complete newbie unlimited access to your entire website database. On the other hand, a team leader or a project manager should have a clear overview of all of the link building efforts.

It can be challenging to achieve this if your link building progress is documented only in a spreadsheet. If you use a single document, everyone will be able to see and edit everything.

On the other hand, if your database is scattered across multiple sheets, team leads and project managers will struggle to keep track of everything.

Solution: Different user access levels

Base allows you to appoint different access levels to users based on their position and ranking.

You can streamline your link management process by setting a clear chain of command. Base allows you to appoint 5 different access levels to users, each with a specific tier of data accessibility and editing freedom.

Who can see which project? Who has permission to change the statuses? Who can add or remove websites from the blacklist, etc?

These are all important questions you can solve by appointing different access levels that will help you streamline your link building process.

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