Outreach efficiency and link building productivity

Problem: link building is slow, messy and requires lots of work hours from your link builders

If you have more than one link builder in your team, you know how easily they get entangled in the link-building process.

Link builders are often performance-based paid, so everyone wants to create as many backlinks as possible. In a setting like this, finding a solution for the who-found-that-website-first problem can be a true challenge.

Things that happen quite often and create team frustration, as well as increase the time required per created link and smash your profits, include:

  • Multiple link builders contacting the same website or a link building opportunity for the same client or domain
  • Link builders blocking one another by frustrating editors and webmasters with the same outreach templates in a close timeframe
  • Link builders simply stealing their colleagues’ opportunities outreach lists for the same client (it happens all the time) :D

Solution: Streamlined link building process for happier and more productive link builders

We have multiple teams of awesome link builders. At one point, we worked with 40 link builders and we realized we needed to develop a tool to keep everybody well-organized and out of each other’s hair and opportunities :)

We knew what we needed to optimize our link building process, and we had an idea of how to do that.

By simply having your link builders claim a specific link building opportunity for a specific client, we could prevent other link builders from adding the same website opportunities for the same client, but not for other clients. Quite an easy solution, actually.

Well, unfortunately, that is almost impossible to achieve by using only spreadsheets, so we decided to build Base.

We witnessed an instant jump in productivity, more links created per link builder and gained a transparent overview of the link-building process and efforts (per client and per link builder).

Simple, right? :)

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