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With this research we tried to find out how many created links “die” after specific periods of time.

Meaning how many “live, doFollow” links get deleted, noFollowed, or their whole pages or domains die after three, six or twelve months.

One of the main problems in the link building industry

Webmasters constantly delete or noFollow links (paid or free guest posts), redirect whole pages or their domains and hostings simply expire.

Short intro has existed as the advanced link building platform for the last 4 years, and it is currently used by many SEO and link building agencies that got access to it years ago in the closed beta. used by many SEO and link building agencies that got access to it years ago in the closed beta.

Some of the main link building problems Base fixes:

  • Losing created links without knowing
  • Paid links expiring without alert
  • Managing link building teams and VAs
  • Link buying budgets and client management
Research problem

Methodology of the research

By having an extensive portfolio of (fully anonymized) confirmed / created links to dissect them in multiple ways, we were able to get some interesting data about links' health, delete percentages, noFollow rates etc.

We analyzed 5985 anonymized "guest post" type backlinks built in the 12 months period. Analyzed period: 01. Feb 2021 to 31. Jan 2022.

Some links were built 12 months ago, and some were built in the last 30 days of the audited period, but the monthly amount was generally around 500 new links added to the database.

All those links at some point received the change of status from "Alive & DoFollow" to "Dead (link removed, link noFollowed, page deleted, website dead)" and that status wasn't changed back to "Alive" even after the follow-up crawl next day (to avoid false negatives from temporary 500 errors or similar).


Timeframe/months Manual outreach guest posts analyzed Still Live and DoFollow Dead (link removed, link noFollowed, page deleted, website dead) Avg. global cost per link (paid or billed to the client) $$$ agency needs to replace on their own cost
3 1629 89.26% -10.74% -175 $70 -$12,250
6 3135 91.32% -8.68% -272 $70 -$19,040
12 5985 88.32% -11.68% -699 $70 -$48,930

If you want us to do additional audits, research and analysis on the links, jump into our Facebook group and let us know your ideas. Facebook Group testimonial by Nenad

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