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Problem: Backlinks get removed and clients get unhappy

Have you ever shared a monthly link building report with your client and they get back to you with a question “where is my link on this page?”

Or did you manage to rank a particular page well, and then you just suddenly lost your rankings and traffic?


People are evil; they mostly want to screw you over, sometimes just because they can.

By being naturally inquisitive and having 11 years of link-building experience under our belt, we did research based on 98.000 guest blogging and other backlink types built or created in the last 7 years.

Our finding was that you are losing an average of 18% of your hefty paid links after only 6 months of their existence.

Even if you paid for your link - whether through providing a website with free high-quality content, or by directly paying link placement (yeah, people really do that) - webmasters will often remove it after a few weeks, or sometimes switch it to noFollow. For the gags.

As I said, people are evil :)

On the other hand, sometimes it happens that websites just break down, domains expire, credit cards for hosting expire, people change URL strategy or sell their website, etc.

Solution: Real-time backlinks health check

Base automatically crawls your backlinks in planned cycles and alerts you if the status of your link changes in any way, so you can react accordingly.

Our experience is that if you react quickly and contact webmasters, they instantly return everything as it should be.

At the end of the day, it’s your money and your SEO strategy.

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