Automatic Google Index Checker - Know when your new links get indexed

Problem: Links that Google doesn't see don't contribute to your rankings and SEO results

It can take time for new pages to be indexed. Until they are, indexed pages virtually don't exist in Google's eyes and don't contribute to your rankings and SEO results.

Google Link Index Checker

Check if and when your backlinks are indexed

When submitting newly created links, besides regular health checks Base will also regularly check if the pages on which your new links are published are indexed by Google.

Automatic Link Index Checker

Solution: Automatic Google Index Checker

This feature is automatically enabled for all accounts and to see the Indexed row, just go to "EYE" settings and turn on the Indexed row visibility.


Monitor your indexed pages for changes in indexed status

Pages can get deindexed because of an unintentional change like a bad robot meta tag. Google can also penalize the whole website or just some pages, which can directly influence the rankings and organic traffic of linked websites. and even deindex pages, which can be very detrimental.

With our index checker, you will be able to monitor your pages and be reassured this does not happen.

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