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Problem: Multiple link builders working on the same website

If multiple link builders are working on the same project, they often find and contact the same article publishing websites for the same client.

If your link builders can’t determine who was the first one to discover a website or check whether someone already reached out to the editor, it can become messy real quick.

That leads to overspending of resources, an increase in the cost per link, as well as link builder frustration.

Additionally, clients rarely pay for “duplicate” links, meaning multiple links from the same websites.

Solution: Easily check if the website is claimed or unclaimed by other team members

That’s why you need a well-organized base (pun intended) of opportunities and created links that your link builders can easily search through to check whether a website has already been claimed or not.

Base allows you to quickly change the status of a specific website for each project and prevent adding a website/lead for a specific client if it’s already claimed.

Additionally, you can quickly check link statuses, especially with Base extension which doesn’t even require changing browser tabs. It will save you a lot of time and help you avoid issues of duplicated outreach and multiple links on the same website.

Bonus happiness: easily find opportunities for new clients

You can also use the claimed/unclaimed feature to find opportunities for new clients. Chances are, you will be working with clients from similar industries, so when a new client comes, you don’t have to start prospecting from scratch.

Simply use your Base backlink database to find opportunities you or your link building colleagues already collaborated with. Just turn on the “unclaimed for client” filter and you’re ready to reignite connection with existing contacts!

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