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Problem: Link building process requires a ton of various SEO metrics from multiple popular tools

Before you decide whether a website is a good fit for your client, you first have to check multiple different parameters. More often than not, these parameters come from multiple different platforms.

Cross-checking relevant metrics can be very time-consuming. From looking up domain rating and organic traffic in Ahrefs to checking your database to make sure you didn’t already create a backlink on that website - switching between platforms can take up a lot of your valuable time.

Solution: All the necessary metrics at one place with Base integrations

Base automatically runs websites through the user’s Ahrefs account and provides them with relevant data such as organic traffic and domain rating.

Whether you want to check if a website is a good fit through the Base Chrome extension or get a detailed overview of your backlinks in the Base web app, all relevant metrics can be checked in seconds, without even switching tabs.

We’re working on adding more integrations to make your link building process even more streamlined!

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