Monitor Your Links Health, Expiry Dates, Cost and Link Builders

Base is the advanced white-label backlinks tracking and link building management tool for SEO agencies who care about efficiently building the best possible links.


90% of SEO agencies and specialists are still using Google Sheets for everything regarding link building management and tracking

Google Sheets is awesone, but it isn't built to handle main link building problems, so it can't prevent your expensive links from rotting, dying or getting manually deleted by editors.

Main link building problems

Losing Created Links Without Knowing

Links get deleted, noFollowed or their anchors get changed. Your link building reports often showcase dead article pages or non-existing links, causing your SEO strategy to suffer.

Paid Links Expiring Without Alert

It’s time-consuming to track all expiring dates, link prices and their influence on the overall SEO strategy. Forgetting to renew important links often causes losing hardly earned top positions on SERP.

Managing Link Building Teams and VA's

Link builders are resource-intensive to manage, hard to reward based on merits, and impossible to prevent from having constant drama around “who found which link building lead or prospect first”.

Link Buying Budgets and Client Management

Having many clients requires constant tracking of their link building budgets, promised deliverables, team efforts and achieved SEO KPIs. Clients changing their minds about budgets for link building cycles is a reality.

We Fixed Link Building

Base is the best advanced link building management platform that SEO agencies use to monitor their backlinks, increase profits, manage their created links and link builders, and generally deliver better SEO results for clients.

How Base fixes main link building problems

Automatic backlinks health check crawler and email notifications to prevent losing your hard-earned or built links

Nenad Stamenković

Director of Link Building

“Just by using Base Chrome extension, our teams saved 70% of the time needed for daily link building workload”

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