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Why is our Link Building & Link Management Tool a Great Monitor Backlinks Alternative

We know how hard it is to optimize your link building workflow. The bigger the link building team and the higher the number of your clients - the more difficult it is to properly handle your link management and off-site SEO efforts. This is why we created Base - a highly affordable and easy-to-use link management tool that can quickly help you remove the sheet-based chaos and automate link building processes.

Both Base and Monitor Backlinks are very practical and highly effective link building tools. Let’s see how our tool compares with one of the most popular competitors on the market.

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Who Will Find Base to be a More Suitable Monitor Backlinks Alternative?

Link Building Agencies

Agencies that focus on link building are likely to find Base to be a better solution for the following:

  • link building process optimization
  • link creation productivity increase
  • link building process transparency towards clients
  • client opportunities approval before link building/purchasing
  • link builders’ happiness boost, etc.

SEO Agencies

There are many SEO agencies among regular Base users. Those SEO teams who develop multi-faceted, all-encompassing SEO strategies state that our tool helped them boost the productivity of their offsite SEO teams and have been reporting major boosts in strategy performance. These companies report the following advantages of Base:

  • SEO strategy optimization
  • paid links health tracking
  • multiple link building providers tracking
  • duplicate links avoidance
  • link building expense tracking
  • in-house link building team tracking and workflow optimization
  • link building process transparency towards clients, etc.

Head of Link Building

LB departments leads have to keep all the moving parts going and under control. This is perhaps the perfect Base target user (if we would have to choose one). Here are some benefits Base offers that LB leads may find very handy:

  • optimization with extension
  • opps stealing avoidance
  • LB team happiness
  • link health tracking
  • splitting access to different teams and outsourcing providers
  • link/performance data analysis per link builder/team/client
  • automatic SPAM classification
  • future automatic quality grading
  • rich automatic metrics from Ahrefs for more valuable insight, etc.

SEO Strategists/Specialists

Every SEO specialist knows how significant a component link building is for a successful SEO strategy. SEO strategists who have been using Base report numerous Base features and benefits that improve their workflow. Here are some of them:

  • a birds-eye view over the entire link building strategy
  • comparison between manually built links and all links (Ahrefs) for precise LB planning and distribution between anchor texts and URL targets
  • live links tracking
  • link building providers tracking and metrics
  • dead links notifications
  • automated SPAM classification for created links
  • importing previously built links for strategy integration, etc.

Base Features That Aren’t Fully Available to Monitor Backlinks Users

If you didn’t find yourself in any of the groups mentioned above, take a look at the list of features that Base offers and are not available in Monitor Backlinks to the same extent:

  • Free Plan Pricing Option - with the Base free plan, you are able to get 500 links, 4000 monthly link checks and up to 3 users; while ALL Base features are available to you even with the free plan.
  • Ahrefs Integration - Base automatically runs your links through your Ahrefs account and pulls link data like Domain Rating.
  • Unclaimed For Client - Unclaimed For Client - this feature optimizes Link Opportunity claiming workflow as it allows you to quickly check which domains from your database are available for building links (haven’t yet been claimed by another team-mate), and whether or not these websites meet the requirements set by that particular client.
  • Base Chrome Extension - Base has an ace up its sleeve in the form of Base Chrome extension. This feature allows you to speed up link upload and health check even more. One of our clients reported a 70% increase in the speed of his link building processes due to this feature alone.
  • Unlimited Number of Clients - Base allows you to add an unlimited number of clients and tag them by niche, category, agency, etc.
  • Better and More User-Friendly UI - though this criterion may vary depending on the observer/user, we feel that Base features a more user-friendly UI.


We strongly recommend taking our link management and link building tool for a test drive to instantly experience how this feature-rich platform can improve the overall quality of your link monitoring and management process. Want to eliminate the need for hundreds of messy sheets, tables and reports? Become a Base user and manage all your links from a single platform!

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