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Why our Link Building & Link Management Tool is a Great Google Sheets Alternative

SEO teams that develop all-encompassing off-site strategies face a difficult challenge of coordinating all of the tasks, teammates and clients in an optimal and streamlined manner. The bigger the team, and/or your client base, the harder it is to achieve a productive and cost-effective SEO workflow, especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job.

Sure, spreadsheets, tables and docs can be used for these purposes, but even the mundane workloads can lead to messy and confusing spreadsheet chaos. This is exactly why we decided to create Base - a highly affordable and easy-to-use link management tool that can help you automate link building processes.

Google Sheets can do the trick for a small portion of your link building and link management workflow, but every experienced SEO knows that this platform cannot solve all of the LB challenges. This is where Base comes into play as a cost-effective way to streamline your link building processes with a single tool.

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Who Will Find Base to be a More Suitable Google Sheets Alternative?

Link Building Agencies

SEO agencies that focus on link building methods find Base to be a much much more powerful tool for their off-site processes. All of our early-adopter users say that they prefer Base for the following advantages:

  • link building process optimization
  • reduced number of spreadsheets (to a bare minimum)
  • link creation productivity increase
  • link builder happiness boost
  • insight into domain ratings
  • link building process transparency towards clients
  • client opportunities approval before link building/purchasing, etc.

SEO Agencies

Full-service SEO agencies are among the main Base users, as these teams need to develop complex and multi-faceted SEO strategies. Upon experiencing Base features, a great majority of them stated that they cannot imagine their overall workflow without relying on Base. Our platform boosts productivity of their offsite SEO teams, with a major impact on performance of their strategies. These companies reported the following advantages of Base over Google Sheets:

  • SEO strategy optimization
  • paid links health tracking
  • multiple link building providers tracking
  • duplicate links avoidance
  • link building expense tracking
  • in-house link building team tracking and workflow optimization
  • link building process transparency towards clients, etc.

Head of Link Building

Every LB department lead knows how hard it is to keep all the moving parts synchronized. Heads of Link Building are perhaps perfect Base target users (if we would have to choose one), and here are some of the main Base benefits they’ve noted:

  • optimization with extension
  • opps stealing avoidance
  • LB team happiness
  • link health tracking
  • splitting access to different teams and outsourcing providers
  • link/performance data analysis per link builder/team/client
  • automatic SPAM classification
  • future automatic quality grading
  • rich automatic metrics from Ahrefs for more valuable insight, etc.

SEO Strategists/Specialists

Being a well-rounded SEO specialist involves using link building as an extremely significant component of every successful SEO strategy. Experienced SEOs among Base early-adopters report following features and benefits as essential:

  • a birds-eye view over the entire link building strategy
  • comparison between manually built links and all links (Ahrefs) for precise LB planning and distribution between anchor texts and URL targets
  • live links tracking
  • link building providers tracking and metrics
  • dead links notifications
  • automated SPAM classification for created links
  • importing previously built links for strategy integration, etc.

Base Features That Aren’t Fully Available to Google Sheets Users

Needless to say, GSheets is not a link building focused tool so it simply doesn’t offer certain features that Base provides, but for the sake of this comparison we will list all the handy features that our platform offers to link builders and SEOs:

  • Automatic Link Health Checks - Base users can check link health status in seconds and even automate this time-consuming process. This enables fast and easy tracking of dead links, allowing you to react quickly and mitigate lost links or a drop in the rankings.
  • Broken Link Discovery - our tool allows you to run both manual and automatic health checks of your links database and get notifications if any link gets removed or changed to noFollow. Base reduces churn of the created links and increases the impact of your SEO link-building efforts.
  • Backlink Management - Base provides an easy overview of your backlinks database by automating link status checking and streamlining the overall backlink management workflow.
  • Quick & Easy Link Input - you can import all your links to your Base database in seconds via .CSV bulk upload (with an included template). You can also do it using the Base Chrome Extension or manually through our app interface.
  • Blacklisted Domains - this feature lets you prevent specific domains from being added to a specific project.
  • Ahrefs Integration - Base automatically runs your links through your Ahrefs account and pulls link data like Domain Rating.
  • Custom SPAM Filter - the tool allows you to define the lowest threshold parameters (minimal DR, number of ad banners, external links) for the quality of target websites. This option enables you to prevent suboptimal domains from cluttering and jamming your LB workflows.
  • Custom Link-Quality Scale - team leads can rate the quality of links created by their link builders, creating a custom reference point in terms of link quality for each client.
  • Multiple User Tiers - link building teams are much more productive when there’s a chain of command. Our backlinks software features 5 different levels of users, each with a specific tier of data accessibility and editing freedom.
  • Base Chrome Extension - Base includes a Chrome extension, a feature that enables you to speed up link upload and health check. One of our clients reported a 70% increase in link building process speed due to this feature alone.
  • More Efficient Link Building Process - our tool allows you to filter, segment, extract and analyze statistical data for a custom time-frame for each team member, client, project, domain, etc. If you can measure it, you can improve it!


Base team strongly believes that taking a test drive of our link management and link building tool will give you a first-hand experience of how this feature-rich LB tool can improve the overall quality of your link monitoring and link management processes. If you are looking for a way to remove hundreds of messy sheets, tables and reports from your workflow, we suggest trying out Base!

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