How-to Series of Niche-Specific Link Building Guides

Since we are talking from the perspective of an SEO agency, you might assume that posts in this series will be mostly intended for other digital marketing agencies, but we made sure to make them equally useful for in-house SEOs in finance companies, freelancers doing link building for home improvement websites, travel bloggers interested in doing their own SEO, and just about anyone else with a site to promote.


We have decided to cover the most popular industries or niches, whatever you want to call them, and so far, the series is supposed to have 5 separate posts:

Each of the posts will provide step-by-step instructions explaining the entire link building process from the moment you sign the client (or decide to start promoting your website) to actually negotiating the link. Among other aspects and challenges of this branch of off-site SEO, this will include:

  • Advice on client, market, competitors and audience research
  • Pro tips helping you formulate and execute the most effective SEO strategy based on the initial research
  • List of link building tactics that have been proven to be the most effective for promoting websites in different industries, from guest posting and local citations to link reclamation, giveaways and influencer outreach
  • Advanced prospecting advice for each of those tactics and accompanied by extensive lists of keywords and footprints you can use in different niches
  • Advice from our experienced, creative link builders regarding the best ways to outreach bloggers and influencers in different niches, along with email template examples
  • A ton of links to other resources covering every single detail of link building, from link quality assessment and competitor research to content creation and promotion

Naturally, since some segments of these strategies will be the same regardless of whether you are promoting a travel blog or a major tech manufacturer, and since we didn’t want to leave anything out for those who just want to read the post that describes their client the best; there will be some repetition between the posts.

Even with that being the case, we warmly recommend you read through all of them, as they will be dealing with different link building tactics, offer different prospecting advice, have something to teach you about outreach in general, etc. In other words, just because you are only interested in promoting home improvement websites, that is not to say that you couldn’t find something interesting or useful in the post about link building in the fitness niche, or any other.

So, if you have a site to promote in any of the listed niches (or indeed, any of the ones we didn’t cover) this series should provide you with all the information you need to find relevant prospects, contact them and secure a link for yourself or your client.

We hope you enjoy the read!


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